I found out this morning that a very dear friend passed away, someone I’ve known for over a decade, someone who ended up making me the person I am today. And she did it effortlessly — she was just smart and cool and funny and generous and kind, and she inspired me to work harder and be better. Because I wanted to be just like her.

And now she’s gone, and it’s just fucking bullshit, and I wouldn’t be blogging about this except I just wanted to say to people that if you have someone like that in your life, please reach out to them and tell them. From the Facebook posts I’ve seen today, I’m not the only one whose life Emily changed, which is wonderful. I just hope she had even an inkling of how much she will be missed.

  1. scottyiseri said: Hugs.
  2. noirbettie said: I’m sorry, Liz. It just sucks.
  3. jiminpublic said: Very sorry to hear this. Hug.
  4. slackmistress said: :( xoxo
  5. tarysande said: It’s just so strange and sad. I don’t really have words for it. *hug*
  6. areyouthatguy said: So sorry LIz. I know that feeling too well these days.
  7. lizlet posted this
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