A master list of web sites reviewing web series, and some advice

When I switched to writing a weekly column for GigaOM last year, I stopped reviewing new web series every day — however, I did not stop receiving emails from web series creators hoping I’d check out their show. I try to reply to all of these emails, but always feel bad when asked “Who else is reviewing?” because I didn’t have anything resembling a comprehensive answer.

Now, however, thanks to the folks on the IAWTV Facebook group, I do! The below masterlist of outlets and reviewers includes many outlets who might just be interested in reviewing or featuring your web series.

Two notes, before diving in:

1) When cold-emailing site editors, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Check out the site’s content, make sure that you’re emailing the right person, and tailor your pitch according to the site’s focuses.

2) All of these sites are great. But the best strategy for getting press coverage of your web series, honestly? Approach outlets that aren’t necessarily focused on web content, but are instead relevant to the genre/audience/subject matter of your series.

Is your show about chefs? Approach food blogs. Do you shoot on location in a specific city/region — say, Chicago, or South Africa, or deep in the heart of Texas? Invite some local writers to the set. Are you or your cast members openly gay? Sites like After Elton and Qweerty have a long history of covering web content. More and more mainstream publishers are covering web series if they relate to their audience, which means their coverage will reach people who will actually be engaged with your content.

To find out if a site has a history of including web series in its coverage, just Google the site name and “web series” — that’s how I discovered, for example, that Kotaku has covered both professionally produced and independent video game web series.

And now, the list! Enjoy.

Web series-obsessed:

Non-web series-specific sites that do review/profile web content:

And there you have it! Feel free to comment here or email me if there’s a site I’ve overlooked — I’ll update accordingly!

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