The 'Girls Around Me' Problem Isn't Just About Data, but Sexism - Nathan Jurgenson - Technology - The Atlantic


slightly improved analysis here (and points for trying, seriously) but ultimately this still avoids speaking plainly in a pretty dangerous way. in many ways the original piece calling out “girls around me” actually did a better job of conveying the fear women had about this app.

but in case you’re still confused, let me break it down for you:

stalking nearby women = threat of violence

women having to deal with the potential threat of violence from creepers, street harassers, drunk assholes in bars, entitled boyfriends = sexist world in which we live

“girls around me” app = tool with potential to make women the object/target of stalking/potential violence 

criticism of “girls around me” app revolving around privacy instead of pointing out that there was a presumed audience of men who thought it was funny / arousing / acceptable / likely to get them laid if they used an app like this = sexism

ongoing silence about the fact that NO APP is responsible for MEN STALKING / ASSAULTING / RAPING WOMEN because it is in fact men’s responsibility to NOT DO THOSE THINGS = sexism

actual world in which we live = full of sexism that women already have to navigate every day, so at the very least, do what you can not to make it any worse.

any questions?

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